Thursday, 24 January 2013

Don't Ask Don't tell. Does that really work?

Around half of men and women quizzed anonymously on an affair dating website claimed their partners had either ‘given them permission to have an affair’ or ‘probably knew but don’t ask’.

The UK-based website asked nearly 1000 regular users how they deal with the awkward issue of their extramarital love life with their partners.

Nearly one in three (30%) said that their partner ‘had no idea of their affairs and fear their marriage or relationship would end if their partner found out.’

22% said that their partner ‘had no idea about their affairs but they would probably work things out if they got caught.’ (EDITOR: They wish!)

Surprisingly though, these expected responses were only in the majority by a fraction. Nearly as many had a laissez faire response to playing away. Another third (30%) answered that ‘their partner probably knows but doesn’t ask,’ and a minority 18% answered that their partner granted them permission to use the site.

(EDITOR: It could, of course, be that the betraying spouses are in fact, deluding themselves and pretending to themselves that their betrayed spouse knows about their cheating and may, in fact, be in for a very rude awakening when they come face-to-face with an angry spouse when they have discovered their affair.)

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