Thursday, 10 January 2013

A patriotic family. Can buying British still work?

The Bradshaw family would describe themselves as a normal British family.
They reside in a a two-bed semi-detached house in the town of Westerham, which is in Kent. 
Emily Bradshaw teaches, James works in London. They have one son, Lucan, who is now 2½ years old.

This year they made a rather odd New Year’s resolution.

Peeved by the stagnant economy and feeling a bit of national pride (post-London 2012 Olympics, Golden Jubilee and all that) they decided to see if they, as a family, could survive by buying and using only British made goods and British services.

Everything they use must be made or provided by a British firm that operates in Britain and employees British staff.

 Can the family manage to cope and survive (or even thrive?) without foreign imports? The Bradshaw family is going to is family are going to find out. The hard way!

They will keep a running commentary, via their blog at and their Twitter account (@britishfamily), on the problems they may face (or not!) while trying to buy British.

They aim to promote any gems of British manufacturing that they find during this interesting process. They'll also hope to pass along practical that they find out along the way.


  1. Interesting. I'll try to keep an eye on how they're doing. Surely they would draw the line at medication they needed.

  2. I read their blog. They are drawing the line at medications. Sensible people.