Monday, 27 May 2013

Be afraid, UK cheaters. CheaterVille has come to the UK

Think carefully before becoming a love rat or a cheater! Or you may end up on!

The growing level of anti-cheating awareness has already attracted millions of users in the USA and Canada to CheaterVille, and according to founder & CEO James McGibney, users in the UK have been patiently waiting for CheaterVille's arrival for some time.

He said: "Over the past year we've received an overwhelming amount of emails, in the hundreds of thousands, from individuals from all over the UK who wanted to post an alleged cheater on our site to help warn others.

“The media in the UK has been overwhelmingly supportive of CheaterVille and our fight against infidelity over the past year and we're very excited about this latest expansion."

With the new launch in the UK, users can now submit the names, stories, and photos of alleged cheaters to help make others aware of their 'disrespectful' deeds.

In a world where temptation and lust are facilitated by online media, where does moral accountability fit in with all of this?

With terms like 'discreet adultery' and 'cyber affair', how is the truth to be told and where can it be found? 

CheaterVille was created with one simple goal in mind, to keep you ahead of the game. Even when what you learn hurts you.

Put in simple terms, CheaterVille can give you the inside scoop on that 'special' someone before you're another heartbroken mess that the cheater leaves in their toxic wake.

CheaterVille gathers information from a variety of sources using their proprietary advanced search engine algorithm.

They employ the world's largest database of ousted cheaters which will show you postings from other CheaterVille members on a specific person and information gathered from the web.Often the name of a cheater, if they someone is registered with, will, when entered into Google or another search engine, will come up with their CheaterVille tag. 

If you meet someone and want to know if they are playing it straight, or just trying to play you, CheaterVille will let you know if they are married or have a sordid past.

If you're in a relationship and want to make sure your significant other stays on the straight and narrow, CheaterVille can alert you if anything is posted about them - good or bad and free of charge, too.

In a way, the CheaterVille listing for someone is like an ankle bracelet that criminals are made to wear.

Of course, employers who need to ensure that their new hires or existing staff are not cheaters can use Cheaterville to check them out. Whilst some people may baulk at this idea, if there is someone who is a serial cheater who seems to target married women, then a school or youth programme organisation (for example) may be -rightly- concerned about such behaviour.

Whilst a CRB check will show up criminal activity, even an enhanced CRB check will not show up behaviour which, whilst morally dubious, is not illegal. But which might result in civil action against a cheater's employer, should they arguably use their employment as a cover for their sex lives or as a way to meet potential victims.

These are the profile links of three people who have been reported via CheaterVille. One is in the UK, one in the USA and one in Australia:-


  1. Hi, Alexis, I am fine, thank you! How are you doing?

  2. Life is going relatively well at the moment. I'm doing a three-day-a-week internship -- afternoons only -- in a laboratory in a diagnostic clinic across the street from our local hospital. The rest of my time is my own, although I have to put in a lot of time practicing violin. Since i like playing the violin, i don't really mind.

  3. Matt, I read about your diabetes. I hope everything is under control. I'm thinking of you and lighting candles and doing all the c]Catholic voodoo magic we do, in addition to sending positive vibes.

    My mom had time today during her univerity office hours, so she sai the rosary for you. I know it's of limited value in your mind (or mine) but if it's the thought that counts, you were thought of.

  4. Alexis, It's all pretty good! Thank you and you mom. I happen to find great comfort in the rosary, as before the big change(!) I was raised Anglo-Catholic and my wife is Catholic, too.

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